patients' stories.

Cerebral Palsy

Pre-operative video 

Five year old girl with cerebral palsy prior to surgical intervention. The left hip was subluxed.

Post-operative video 

Post-operative video of the patient above one year following surgical intervention. The left hip is now reduced. 


This series of images shows a severe Clubfoot case from birth, through treatment with ponseti casting, to 2 years with the use of specific shoes.

Pre-operative CP video 

The above girl was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy. She was walking on tip toes and both legs were internally rotated.

POst-operative CP video 

The girl seen below underwent multilevel surgery for cerebral palsy. The video is one year following surgery. 

The video below ...

Congenital Hip Dislocation

Pre-operative x-rays of a three and a half year old in Cyprus who presented with a limp because of congenital dislocation of the right hip 

Latest post-op xrays after open reduction pelvic and femoral osteotomies four years down the line - The patient has a normal gait

Perthes' disease

A boy playing football after a femoral varus osteotomy for Perthes' disease

Patient with complex tibial fracture mobilising one week after application of Taylor Spatial frame. The frame allows s external manipulation of the fracture aided by a computer programme.

Right congenital clavicle pseudoarthrosis

A six year old girl who presented with right clavicle congenital pseudoarthrosis. Excellent functional outcome following surgical intervention.