gait analysis

In our centre we use Qualicys which is a highly sophisticated programme used to detect and analyse human motion. Dr Zenios has been trained in gait analysis in the UK and has been using it as a pre-operative tool for his practice both in the UK and Cyprus. 


The analysis of gait is the three dimensional, scientific and detailed study of human motion performed by a computer software programme. It allows the accurate calculation of the ground reaction force during normal gait and the comparison of the patient’s motion with what is considered to be normal, in order to accurately detect the source and location of the problem. The patient is asked to walk on a platform over a force plate. Τhe motion is then captured by 6 cameras on the wall and analysed by a software computer programme. This is done several times in order to obtain a number of measurements. 


The analysis of gait is indicated in patients with:

  • Neuromuscular pathology
  • Orthopaedic pathology
  • Movement disorders
  • Artificial limbs
  • Professional athletes aiming to improve their performance


The advantages of gait analysis are:

  • The dynamic and three-dimensional assessment of gait
  • The measurement of all joint motion during gait
  • The assessment of rotational mal-alignment
  • The measurement of the direction of the ground reaction force at the time the foot hits the force plate


The assessment of patient’s gait is performed using graphs in comparison to scientifically proved physiological parameters. It allows the treating physician/surgeon to recommend the suitable treatment for that specific individual, which can be targeted with physiotherapy, special shoes, orthotics and/or surgical intervention.