congenital hip dislocation in children (DDH or CDH)

One in a thousand babies is born with a dislocated hip joint; that is whenthe femoral head is out of its socket. The risk factors for CDH include positive family history, breech presentation and postural feet deformities. However, 60 % of the babies with DDH have no risk factors. If diagnosed in the first few weeks of life, DDH can be treated relatively easily with a flexible harness. Failure of treatment or late presentation, can result in limping and a leg length discrepancy in childhood, and in pain and osteoarthritis in early adult life. 

The only solution after a walking age is surgical intervention and open reduction of the dislocated hip joint. In the past, these procedures were performed abroad which meant that the parents and the child had to stay abroad for 3 months. Dr Zenios performs these procedures with minimally invasive techniques and complete resolution of the problem. The procedures are often accompanied by pelvic and femoral osteotomies.