Clubfoot (CTEV) TREAtment

Clubfoot is a congenital foot deformity which is characterised by inwards and downwards deformity of the foot. In the past, this severe deformity was treated with extensive surgical intervention. It is now being treated much more successfully with the Ponseti method. Following this, children undergo a percutaneous tendo-achilles lengthening procedure at the hospital which allows them to go home within two hours. 

The ponseti method has been shown to be successful in about 90% of the cases. In the small percentage of cases that the deformity may recur, our surgeon assesses the child and discusses available options with the parents such as proceeding with further serial casting of the deformity or with a surgical correction of club feet. Our doctor has an extensive experience in performing tendon transfers, open releases for correction for clubfeet, as well as the Ilizarov method for recurrent  clubfoot deformities (see Dr Zenios' paper)

Ponseti Management